• Mark Randall


    Mark is Chief Executive Officer of ETIAM Insights. As CEO and Chairman of PROINSO Group, a global...

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  • Kunal Chandra

    Managing Director

    Kunal is the Managing Director at ETIAM Insights based in our Mumbai office.

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  • Makoto Ijuin

    Managing Director

    Makoto is Managing Director at ETIAM Insights and is based in our Tokyo office. He has over 20 years...

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  • Masa Njegovan

    VP of Strategy

    Masa is VP of Strategy at ETIAM Insights and is responsible for identifying and developing growth...

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  • Nuher Khan

    Management Board Member

    Nuher has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in project development. Currently he holds...

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  • Anja Jevic

    Public Policy & International Affairs

    Anja Jevic is responsible for Public Policy and International Affairs advisory at ETIAM Insights...

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