Author: Mark Randall The current situation is a once in a century event, in terms of its impact in the resetting of social, economic and political order. This means huge opportunity for positive change as well as risk. Always after catastrophe the human egocentricity has a sense of reflection ‘what did we do wrong to


Author: Mark Randall Historical analysis of the economic and political outcomes of previous pandemics suggests the world will again be changed. As with all destruction there is an opportunity for creation, though the question not yet able to be answered is as to what level will there be a destruction/creation dynamic. There is evidence that


Author: Mark Randall In 1799, David Dale sold his cotton mills in New Lanark, powered by energy from the Falls of Lanark, to his son-in-law Robert Owen.  Owen wanted a community with social progress as central and with its prosperity fuelled by leading technology. He opened what is held to be the first infant school

Last call for fashion industry’s paradigm shift

Author: Mark Randall In the early 19th Century Elizabeth Margaret Chandler, from Delaware USA, wrote a poem including the lines: Not in outward seeming only Art thou spotless, white and fair, Slavery’s touch hath never cursed thee, Freedom in her arms hath nursed thee, And bestowed a beauty rare... Across the Atlantic, Eleanor Stephens Clark was setting up a shop in a

Millennials’ Lessons in Climate Change Leadership

Author: Mark Randall Today The Economist published four stages to the decline of democracy which is sweeping the world: 1) A charismatic leader promises to save the people; 2) They find an enemy; 3) They undermine democratic institutions; 4) They attempt to crush the opposition. Secular messianic leadership to a promised land premised on eradication of a

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