We worked with a major Japanese global corporation during a two-year project to assess the development and introduction of a new module level power electronics product to the US residential solar segment. Since 2009, the global corporation had no experience in the United States solar market and was able to leverage on our regional experience. The corporation benefited from our extended network of customers and vendors across the entire US solar value chain to gather market intelligence and assessment feedback from industry professionals, which served as invaluable input for product development.

The project revolved around three main areas. The first area was commercial where we were able to provide the current market dynamics including products, channels to market, and pricing. The second area was technical where we were able to arrange project visits and key meetings with industry players. The last area was marketing for which we were able to arrange installers training sessions and trade shows collaboration.

This case study is a perfect example of how Industry Insights platform can help companies optimise their go-to-market strategies through primary research and initial market feedback.



Product Development