ETIAM Insights finalist for the ‘Energy Awards 2022’ in two categories with the Hameco project financed by Ecoligo

Finalist project: 1.180 KWp Project – HAMECO, Vietnam.

United Kingdom (May 6 2022): ETIAM Insights and PROINSO strengthen their position in Vietnam by installing the HAMECO project under the BLT model with innovative financing through Ecoligo.

The Energy Awards announced last week that ETIAM Insights and PROINSO are to be finalists for two awards: ” Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year” and ” Energy Project of the Year – Commercial, Retail, Industrial” with this innovative 1.180 KWp project.

The future of solar energy has always been in distributed generation, an area that has had many challenges for both clients and investors. ETIAM Insights and PROINSO have been working for over a decade to create consistent value for all parties involved and the result is a unique business model that is unrivaled in our industry. We are very proud to say that in the past year our model has received numerous awards, and we will continue working on this very same basis to strengthen our value proposition.

This inspiring project is representative of ETIAM and PROINSO’s work and commitment to the local community and knowledge installed under the BLT scheme (Build – Lease– Transfer model) in collaboration with its local partner KAIZEN INSTITUTE GROUP and local contractor Hanoi H2T Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, and financed by Ecoligo.

The innovative 1.180 KWp installation uses the SMA EnnexOS platform, one of the only Solar Management systems on the market, and enables the project to be future proofed. The project decreases local pollution and increases health and safety for local employees and residents, lowers the carbon footprint and future proofs for a holistic energy management system including EV, batteries, energy efficiency controls and generation.

The solar system named HAMECO was constructed on the factory rooftop in the Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province of Vietnam. The client Hanoi Mechanical Company Limited (HAMECO) had their expectations met in regards to quality, savings, greener energy deployment and energy security with a fixed price of electricity for 20 years.

With this particular model businesses can make use of the idle roof space of their factory. They can choose to either rent the system or buy back clean electricity produced from the system at a lower price than their current electricity rates. When the contract ends the whole system is then transferred back to the business free of charge with a committed capacity of over 80-90% (depending on conditions).

The BLT model is a win-win for all parties involved including businesses, investment funds and EPC contractors. It gives a business the opportunity to promote green production whilst using clean power at low pricing and without the need for upfront investment capital.

We wanted to achieve a 30 per cent lowering in the grid energy supply, lower the use of the diesel generators to a negligible level and position the plant at the front end of local production plants in terms of carbon footprint.

ETIAM Insights and PROINSO have been operating in Vietnam since 2018 and we are very proud to have a strong footprint across the country, having been one of the first movers in the market. We have developed, provided consultancy and supplied equipment for over 350MW of Solar Projects in Vietnam mainly for the utility, commercial and industrial sectors.